Breckerfeld fights outnumbered and loses in the end clearly 8-1

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Hohenlimburg / Holthausen

In the first leg a week ago, the SW Breckerfeld kickers were still with a 2-0 defeat in the catch-up game from the square.

Since they were against the SG Hohenlimburg-Holthausen still started with 11 players.

Now, a week later, they had only 9 players together. That retaliated very early. Batur Bülbül made his debut goal ready in the 7th minute. Jan Möller overcame the goalkeeper of the Spvg in the 25th minute.

Tim Strezelecki scored in the 30th minute to 3: 0, and before it went into the cabin, Philipp Kurz use a rebound from his teammate Max Heier for the 4-0. The referee mistook the contact of the Breckerfelders Mark Halbach but before the goal line and made it an own goal.

After half-time Tim Strezelecki increased every minute to the fifth and sixth goal of the hosts (36 + 37 minutes). Jan Möller also had his second goal in the 51th minute. The keeper of the last week, Marlin König, got a field jersey today and was able to add his score to the 8: 0 in the 62nd minute. Shortly before the end, the Breckerfeld came through Cedric Engstfeld for the consolation goal and 8: 1 final score.