Özkaya will be the new face of SG Hohenlimburg

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Hohenlimburg / Holthausen

A lot of movement at SG Hohenlimburg / Holthausen.

The sports community has split from its former county league coach Frank Dichtiar and sporting director Frank Bachgardt.

In the future, the 44-year-old Oktay Özkaya will take over the leadership of the first team.

Özkaya has been a member of the team for two years and knows his team already, as he reports: “Most of the guys are known to me, only the newcomers have I seen so far only three or four times. But otherwise we are a committed team, that fits well. “He came to his new commitment as a coach relatively spontaneously:” The Board has asked me if I could imagine the whole thing until the summer. Since I am a real Hohenlimburg boy and now know the club well, I gladly agreed. ”

Therefore, he could also imagine extending the date to mid-year contract even beyond, however, to be considered: “For now we have to play a decent second half.” There are still twelve games for the Özkaya team on the Program, the coach’s instructions is very clear: “I want to get at least 21 points with my team, that is, at least seven wins.” But he sees his team also well prepared: “I think we have good chances. We have nothing to do with the ascent, but that can then become a topic for the coming years. “Özkaya himself, who was always active in the Hagen area after youth stations in Schwerte, has mostly played for promotion:” That’s why it’s up in any case, the claim I have. We have a good offspring at the SG. Alone in the A-Youth we have 17 players, who will change to the senior season next season. ”

Author: Linda Sonnenberg (WP)

Source: www.WP.de